Renji the second time that meets narumi

Hirasaka Renji

One of the founders of the group "Hirasaka"

Yondaime and Yoshiki best friend



As one of "Hirasaka"'s original founders, Renji supposedly designed its group emblem with the help of fellow roommate Hisan. However, after she was supposedly killed, he left Japan for five years before returning to exact his revenge on Hinamura (The Fourth). Early into his return, he meets Narumi by chance at a bar. The two officially become friends after Narumi rescue him from a couple gang members. Meanwhile, Renji starts making his moves to sabotage Hina and "everything he has built up." Later, he meets Narumi again at a zoo and the two become sworn brother, without the knowledge that Narumi is also Hina's other sworn brother.  



Soichiro Hinamura-

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